Santa’s Sack #1

Teach email, letter writing and blow the kids minds! Here’s a little email hack that can be used for an engaging, modern take on the old “write a letter to Santa” activity. Ideal for Grades F-2.

Step 1: In your school’s Google Admin (or however you create email accounts), create a user santa@yourschooldomain

Step 2: Sign in as the ‘Santa’ account and go to GMail settings. Change the picture to a Santa image.

Step 3: Turn on ‘Vacation Responder’ and pen an auto-reply that all students will receive back to their own email. I included an image but a GIF would be even better.

Step 4: Students draft a letter to Santa and then compose an email. Watch the excitement on their faces as they receive an email reply from Santa!

Santa’s Sack #2

Looking for a simple, no planning required, Christmas themed activity to help celebrate the last few weeks of the school year? Google have the answer at Santa Tracker.

Each year Google gift us with a virtual advent calendar. Visit Each day through December a new activity is released that is Christmas themed but has a learning focus, many based around simple coding. The activities often start very simple (suitable for juniors) and have varied levels to suit middle and upper grades. Check out the couple of examples from last year:

Santa’s Sack #3

Get creative this festive season with a lovely pixel Christmas pattern. Inspired from those #dorky Christmas jumpers we totes want. #onthelist

Step 1: Download the free iPad app Memo Pad (from developer Tayasui)

Step 2: Google Image some inspiration: christmas jumper pixel

Step 3: Use the pixel tool and create. Watch the video below for an idea:

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