Too often I hear teachers say that they use technology to enhance maths teaching and learning, when really what they’re really saying is that their kids play maths games!

EquatIO for Google Intro Video

EquatIO is a toolbar that works right alongside G Suite (or Word). It has a range of functions that are used to make maths notation easier to work with digitally. Touch screen devices are perfect as you can use handwriting recognition or to make maths accesible to any student no matter the learning difficulty- try out the voice input.

In addition to the toolbar, Mathspace is a separate environment- like a big mathematics whiteboard. Perfect for displaying on large screens and having students manipulate objects and share maths learning. Mathspace becomes even more powerful when it is collaborative and students can work with their peers and teachers in the one digital space (NB. students need the school subscription for this functionality).

The good folk at Texthelp make EquatIO free for teachers, available as a Google Chrome Extension or a desktop application for Windows or Mac devices. EquatIO is free for teachers forever.

Click the here to access your Free for Teachers subscription.

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